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investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this. >> schieffer: and we're back now with our panel, larry sabato. i want to come back to you. how important do you think this debate is going to be, this first one? >> it's critical to mitt romney. he really does have to show his stuff there, and he has to-- he has to change his emage. he has the image of a kru club republican. he has to go after president obama in a coherent way with a real message. but, you know, history tells me, bob, that generally speaking, the challenger does gain from the first debate. it will be a surprise if he doesn't gain. and he very much needs to. he needs to get some momentum. based on history, i would say the odds favor mitt romney in the first debate. >> schieffer: let me ask you about your home state, virginia. your center is headquartered at u.v.a. what's happening there? is this going to come down to virginia? a lot of people think it might. >> well, it could. obviously, it would have to be very close to
. i think we've got to invest in education and training. i think it's important for us to develop new sources of energy here in america. that we change our tax code to make sure that we're helping small businesses and companies that are investing here in the united states. that we take some of the money that we're saving as we wind down two wars to rebuild america. and that we reduce our deficit in a balanced way that allows us to make these critical investments. now, it ultimately is going to be up to the voters, to you, which path we should take. are we going to double down on the top-down economic policies that helped to get us into this mess, or do we embrace a new economic patriotism that says america does best when the middle class does best in and i'm looking forward to having that debate. >> governor romney, two minutes. >> thank you, jim. it's an honor to be here with you. and i appreciate the chance to be with the president. i'm pleased to be at the university of denver. appreciate their welcome. and also the presidential commission on these debates. and congratulations to y
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from. >> absolutely. >> you've already had two. you've got a big voter education turnout drive. this one in virginia coming up. >> next tuesday, from 10:00 to 3:00, we'll be in virginia at market square from 10:00 to 3:00. voter education, voter registration. last week we were in the district. people getting registered, getting information that they need. like where's my polling place? what issues are really on the ballot? we're teaming up with the board of elections to help people. it's all about educating and informing the community. >> they said october was when everybody was going to start paying very, very close attention. >> they're watching, listening, and forming opinions. >> this is it. mollet green, thank you for coming by. >> mm-hmm. >>> the tale of the dueling divas, coming up on news4, a new video with nikki minaj screaming at mariah carey. is this an "american idol" meltdown or is it a truly made for television fight? >>> also, why dogs are good for your health. why dr. jackie tells us why your pet could help you keep from getting allergies. >>> and the chick-fil-
a difference. >> for college. or any post educational school. whether it is technical or cosmetic me to go, anything, an education past high school. >> reporter: healing comes too. the baby girl is named for the grandfather she will not have the chance to know. 31 minutes after sonny buchanan was shot, this man was putting gasoline into his taxi at a mobile station in aspen hill when he, too, was killed by a bullet that seemed to come from nowhere. years of sadness for his family has been lessened by the boy brought by baby pria. >> my mom, she lost her best friend. and it was definitely the hardest on her. my daughter pria has been born. >> reporter: there will be a vigil to honor the memory of the sniper victim thursday at 6:30. it takes place at the goshen united methodist church. reporting live, jackie bensen, news4. >>> those speed cameras in d.c. there could be some changes. tomorrow meks of the d.c. council will hole a meeting in which they'll look into lowering the fines. official say they'll be hearing from citizens groups who have complained. those cameras are there to raise mone
to catch up with the fellows at dematha to find out what this top notch education is all about. >> spend a day at damatha catholic high school and a lot of things you can't put a finger on. the pairtle involvement, the teacher to student ratio. all difficult to see at first glance. what you can see is that there are no girls and students say that's a good thing. >> with all guys it was really weird at first, but i would say that helps a lot because you're not trying to impress girls or trying to talk girls in class and helps you focus better and you don't care what you look like. you don't really care about nothing but football and school and that helps you keep focus. >> reporter: what it lacks on one hand, it offers ten fold on the other, literally ten fold. >> since 1990, the football program has sent at least ten players every year to school on full football scholarships. that doesn't happen unless, you know, guys have a great balance of on the field success and getting it done in the classroom. >> and that's the common ground around here. you're a young man with any interest of play
a better chance to pay for my college education. >> they're both bashing each other. i might as well watch this. >> some came with their minds made up. >> well, i know people are going to be going all out on the blog. so i'm going to be comining bac with cracks. >> i'm not getting a sense of obama as commander in chief. romney is really laying it down and he's really being very ke tail detailed, for once. >> i became a lot more informed. >> i liked when we were talking about the health care stuff and something about the middle class because i'm middle class. >> i think that both of them had really well-structured argume s arguments. but the small differences are going to be something to ponder. >> it seemed like he came off a little bit rude. with obama, he made a little bit of a mistake. when romney was talking, he looked a little bit irritated. >> there's two more to go. >> reporter: well, perhaps a more up close and personal visit from the president himself will help these students make up their minds. president obama is scheduled to be here on the campus. one of two battleground state
the incident to district education officials who launched an investigation. >>> d.c. police need your help finding a guy who robbed the payless shoe store. he walked into that store last thursday afternoon. he gave the employee a note and then pulled out his gun. the worker quickly started handing over money from the register. d.c. police offering a $10,000 reward for information on the gunman that leads to an arrest and conviction. >>> defenders for the colorado theater shooting suspect say prosecutors have twice violated gag orders on the case. defenders for james holmes say an updated mug shot was improperly leaked to the media late last night. they also mailed details of a notebook were also leaked. his defense team says government prosecutors deliberately leaked both of these items to the media. the judge presiding over the trial will hold a hearing about the possible leaks on october 11th. >>> a new york federal judge ruled the iran, taliban and al qaeda must pay $6 billion for their roles in the september 11 attacks. the judge says he hopes this mostly symbolic lawsuit will help pro
economic downturn. that money has made a difference. for college? >> or any post educational school, whether it's technical or kozmatology. anything that is education beyond high school. >> healing comes to in the face of a 16-month-old baby girl. she's named for the grandfather she will not have a chance to know. 31 minutes after sonny buchanan was shot, he was putting gasoline into his taxi when he, too, was killed by a bullet that seemed to come from nowhere. years after sadness for his family lessened by the joy brought by the baby. >> especially my mom. she lost her best friend. it was definitely the hardest on her. i just have not seen her so happy since my daughter has been born. >> reporter: there will be a prayer vigil held at 6:30 thursday at the united methodist church in gaithersburg. it will honor the memories of the sniper victims. jackie bensen, news 4. >>> the redskins announced their support for a new casino. team ownership released a statement endorsing question seven saying it's a tremendous opportunity for prince gorges keown atnd all of maryland to create thousa
resigned in march for reasons still unknown. umc specializes in online education for many students, half ofitary members and their families. >> little warm out? >> tell us what you got there, buddy. >> guess who's dancing gangnam style this morning. i hold up t-shirts from my school visits. this is a t-shirt that was printed that says national league east division champions. am i saying this? is this real? is this a dream? it's not a dream. it happened last night. >>> as we take a look outside, there is washington as bleary eyed nats fans are waking up this morning after the celebration last night. what a wonderful, wonderful event for our city and for our whole region and for all the nats fans. 65 now at reagan national and cloudy there. just to the west there are showers coming there. a long train of rain that stretches from the carolinas all the way up to the mid-atlantic states. closer to washington now. getting a few sprinkles in montgomery county, 270 up to frederick, and interstate 70 frederick up to baltimore. and farther south and west of us from generally 66 through fairfax all
in america, we're number three as the third best city in america based on the economy, crime, education and leisure. the only cities above it, san francisco and seattle. >> arlington comes in at 27. baltimore 29th on the list. virginia beach and chesapeake, virginia make the top 50. >>> welcome back. howard here with your weather first. we've got patchy fog west of town. we may see a little sun early but look for clouds to rule today. by noon mostly cloudy, 67. with luck we'll crack into the low 70s. some staying in the upper 60s there. will be a few showers around for the afternoon commute, especially west of town. i'll be back in just a few minutes with the rest of the week's forecast. >>> traveling northbound on 395, you're slow coming past edsall road. takes you past duke street. the accident moved on to the right shoulder just before seminary road. also looks like some debris on the left side. notice how folks are jogging out of the left lane on to the shoulder in the same location. after that free and clear to the 14th street bridge. jessica, back to you. >>> ladies, do you think
educational school. anything that is an he indication beyond high school. >> healing comes, too, in the angelic face of a now 16--month-old baby girl. she is named for the grandfather she will not have the chance to know. 31 minutes after sonny buchanan was shot, he was putting gasoline into his taxi at a mobile station in aspen hill when he, too, was killed by a bullet that seemed to come from nowhere. years of sadness for his family has been lessoned by the joy brought by baby pria. >> my mom lost her best friend and it was definitely the hardest on her. i have not seen her so happy since my daughter pria has been born. >> reporter: there will be a prayer vigil held 6:30 thursday at the goshen methodist church in gaithersburg. it will honor the memory of the sniper's victims. >>> a new twist of a mother in leesburg, virginia. 36-year-old leyla mccullagh has not been seen since august. recently police confiscated guns and ammunition from her husband's house in herndon. detectives are now looking into whether foul play was involved. the court documents show she had complained th
an education and contribute to their communities are still not rushing to take advantage of president obama's immigration policy change. >> i feel powerless at some point, because i can't vote. >>> and it's a challenge to get a baby to eat vegetables sometimes. but we found one couple ready to share the secret to their success. >>> breaking news right now in the city of fairfax. a police search team is looking for a teenager who's been missing since monday. they're looking for this young man, 17-year-old brian glen. he was last seen early monday morning on the grounds of wt woodson high school in fairfax. right now bloodhounds and rescue teams arehecking out where the teenager's car has been found. police and the boy's family are quite concerned for his safety. >>> secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is promising a full and transparent investigation into the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the u.s. ambassador and three other americans were killed in that attack. secretary clinton said the government is committed to compiling an accurate account of what happened
. >>> the fairfax county school system is applying for a department of education's race to the top grant. that's according to "the washington post." the grant is worth up to $40 million. county officials say the funds would be spent on schools where more than 40% of the students receive free or reduced lunches. the winners will be announced before the new year. >>> police have yet to say if foul play may be involved in the disappearance of a fairfax county teenager. for a second day, police officers along with a helicopter crew searched face park off picket road for any sign of brian glenn. the 16-year-old was last seen'droing off his younger brother at w.t. woodson school. shortly after, he was seen at du dunkin donuts. police are also going through glenn's cell phone or computer for any hints about where the teenager might be. >>> an apology from american airlines. how many flights are grounded as the company tries to make sure no more seats come loose in the air. >>> we can rule out big foot on mars. nasa says this picture from the red planet is actually a treadmark left by curiosity. the r
campaigned in wisconsin and sharply criticized romney's statements during the debate on tax cuts, education and outsourcing as misleading to the middle class and the president had this to say about his opponent's plan for reducing the deficit. >> i just want to make sure i got this straight. he'll get rid of regulations on wall street but he's going to crack down on sesame street. thank goodness somebody's finally cracking down on big bird. who knew that he was responsible for all these deficits. elmo's got to watch out. >> and vice president joe biden was campaigning in iowa saying that mitt romney flip-flopped on his own tax cut plan that was the center piece of the gop campaign and biden challenged the republicans on the tax sue. >> you know the phrase he always used, biden want to raise taxes by $8 trillion. guess what, yes, we do, in one regard, we want to let that trillion dollar tax cut expire so the middle class doesn't have to bear the burden of all that money going to the super wealthy. that's not a tax rate, that's called fairness where i come from. >> all right. so how will toda
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own airplane and house, but not to your own facts. i' not going to cut education funding. >> a night of testy exchanges and harsh criticism as mitt romney and president obama try to show why they should win in november. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to news4 today for this thursday. we're going to take a look outside at 5:00 a.m. 43 degrees. the humidity that came through the region made it feel like summer. >> 73. >> what did i say? >> 43. >> no, i'm sorry. 73, that's a big difference. >> it is going to be that cold by monday, though. >> what? >> indeed. it's going to be 30 degrees colder in the mornings by monday. big change on the way between now and then. ahead of another weak front coming our way. we have some passing light showers now moving out of the carolinas into virginia, the district, and maryland, parts of east and west virginia advancing north and east. a closer view of our storm 4 team radar. the wipers are running on 95 now between the beltway down to fredericksburg, getting some more moderate showers there in the dark gree
after taking some educational diversion classes. >> once the picture is out there, it's always out there. >> reporter: but our victim wants young people to remember the consequences of sexting can't be deleted. >> i missed my junior and senior prom because i didn't want to be around anybody because of everything that had happened. it's hard when i get close to someone, i want to push them away. and i don't want to be close. i don't want them to know my deepest darkest secrets. >> reporter: mike hydeck, 9news. >> and local police tell us one of the new trends is sextortion. for example, johnny tells mary to keep sending photos of her self-esteem. mary doesn't want to. johnny threatens to post the pictures he has for everyone to see. sextortion may also have demands for sexual acts or money. wow. >>> well, what do you do when your best known menu item is infested. 9 wants to know investigative reporter russ ptacek knocks on your door. >> is that a good thing for you, no. food investigators are in the counties. >> reporter: the toughest part of this job is holding people accountable, especi
early voters favor the president because of his grass root education. both candidates will use the weekend to get ready for next wednesday's debate in colorado. >>> we are learning some new details about a deadly shooting at a minneapolis business. this evening another person died. that brings the death toll to six, including the gunman. the 36-year-old shooter was fired from the company early in the morning, he came back in the afternoon, killed the owner along with others before taking his own life. two people are still in the hospital. police say they found 10,000 rounds of ammo at the shooter's house. >>> well, it is probably not even possible to imagine the grief felt by a father up in connecticut. he shoots to death an armed prowler wearing the ski mating, but that -- mask, but that prowler turns out to be his own teenage son. the father gets a phone call from his sister next door about the prowler. the father grabs his gun, fires the shot when it appears the prowler is coming after him. only after the shooting did he lift the ski mask to see it was his only 15-year-old b
in online education of students, more than half are military members and their families. >>> council chairman phil mendelson plans to introduce an amendment to district charter today that would grant the city budget autonomy. d.c. leaders have asked for budget autonomy for years, but congress has refused to give up control. it would go to voter referendum. if that is approved, both congress and the president would have to approve. >>> this is the last chance to put a casino in prince george's county for several years. governor o'malley says he won't take up gambling again in his tenure. voters will vote to approve a gambling bill. it would put a casino in prince george's county and table games at all maryland casinos. >>> o'malley is showing off political muscle literally in a challenge to virginia governor bob mcdonnell. the maryland governor invited mcdonnell to a debate and other competitions on wtop. >> we can have a discussion about how we can work together to create jobs and opportunity now, and it can be followed immediately by a push-up contest. >> what? >> where did that com
. they are upset about the cuts in education. >>> we are marking a grim milestone this week. dean herald mimyers was killed on october 9th, 2002. he was the seventh person killed during the attacks. his family lives outside the area and they were worried about his safety, but myers downplayed their concerns. pete williams joins us now with more from the myers family. pete? >> jim, doreen, we talked to bob myers who is his brother and we asked a question we haven't heard much about. when the sniper shooting started here on october 2nd, whether he ever talked to his brother, a civil engineer who lived in the washington area about them and whether they were concerned for his brother, here's what he said. >> we were very specific. we, when we saw the pattern of unexplained murders and they kept happening, we were very specific with him and asked him to use his vacation time and come home until things calmed down down there. and his comment was, well, it's millions of people down here, why would they get me? >> it was four days later that bob myers was watching the local news and saw that there had b
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jersey, it was a place that i could go and you know get education as well as learn how to play basketball. so ever since 1992, i have been a strong supporter of the boys and girls club. i was the first guy to donate $1 million so they can get computers in the boys and girls club and we have been doing a lot of things. >> what kind of impact has he had on you? >> huge. >> really? >> but what has he meant to you, do you think? >> the boys band girls club has meant so much to me academic-wise it has helped me get through a failing high school and i'm proud to be a high school graduate and i'm starting college. >> go girl. >> i am so excited. >> awesome. >> darius? >> when it comes to the boys and girls club, we have an emphasis on leadership and character building and having great alumni role models like shaq here makes it easy for us to encourage kids to come in and do our boys and girls clubs program. >> trey? >> it has been a lot, now i'm national ambassador of the year, spokesperson for everybody, to be that role model, the boys and girls club taught me to do that. >> great great great.
out in nats colors. thanks to everyone who has been sending these pictures >>> in "education nation," an award-winning teacher who believes he's found a simple method to help his students succeed. his 10th grade history students are already taking classes for college credit. pat lawson muse takes us to the classroom to see him in action. >> i'm less concerned about you guys getting the correct answers to these and more concerned about you having some kind of technique for how to do it. >> reporter: in his world history class, daniel moses quiz es these 10th graders about religions in the world. >> what's the first word that just popped in your head? >> reporter: for the past four years moses has been teaching the class. he loves teaching the students and they love learning. >> his teaching method is very good. i actually learned things in his class. >> he comes in every day prepared and happy. >> reporter: the preparation has paid off. moses was recently named teacher of the year by the friendship consortium in the district and baltimore city. >> when our students talk about the amo
of education's race to the top grant. that's according to "the washington post." the grant is worth $40 million. the funds would be spent upon schools where more than 40% of the students receive free or reduced lunches. the race to the top deadline is at the end of the month. the winners will be announced at the end of the year. >>> 5:36 is the time. making themselves at home. the animal invasion that has people in one virginia community asking for help this morning. "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> the d.c. action for children's luncheon to celebrate and announce its new interactive e-data book, which allows people to get information on fighting child poverty. it's amazing because the map's online. you can scroll over the wards and the schools and show exactly where children are in need and the graduation rates. it's very helpful in the fight against child poverty. 30% of children living in the city are living in poverty, and 1 in 4, which is 2
was not hurt. district education officials launched an investigation. >>> facebook for a fee. the social network revealing a new charge to get your posts noticed. jackie has that story this morning. >> facebook has long said that it's free and it always will be. but that's unless you want more of your friends to see what you have to say. the social media giant is rolling out a feature to let users pay to promote their posts, just like the advertisers do. the service has been tested in new zealand and gradually introduced in 20 other countries. facebook saying that promoting a post like announcing a garage sale or engagement will bump it up higher in your friends' news feed. facebook hasn't set a definitive price for promoting a post, but some say that you could see prices of $7 per update. aaron, back over to you. >> thank you. >>> one of the world's largest tech companies could be coming to the district. microsoft is one of three companies chosen by mayor vincent gray to develop a technology center on the campus of st. elizabeth's hospital. a french lighting company and atlanta based sm
to the d.c. office of state superintendent of education, which has launched an investigation to determine what action it will take. parents using livingston park with their children today are upset by the news. >> it's your worst nightmare, to think about your child being in someone else's care and being left behind. at the same time, i think -- i'm sure it was an honest mistake if this is the -- you know, the child care center that does this all day, every day, i'm sure the person who was responsible for this child must feel terrible about this. >> reporter: friendship children's center says it has taken appropriate disciplinary action against the teacher. >> and then we right away jumped into our investigation of what happened, and working on figuring out how to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: the children's center tells us that the boy was bare foot because he took off his shoes and socks in order to play on the playground. they say he is safe and sound, and was in school today. that's the latest from upper northwest, chris gordon, news4. back to you. >>> a gas leak in
continuing medical education, not just the training from the laser company. >> tell us, what procedures should only be done by a doctor of the popular ones being done now? >> when we look at medical versus cosmetic, fillers, neurotoxins or botox should be done by a licensed person. there are certain medical ancillary care people who are licensed and do go through the training such as physicians assistants, nurse practitioners. >> state issued licenses? >> state issued. the first thing you want to do, wherever you are going check with that state to see what their requirements and legal issues are with these type of medi-spas. >> be careful. whatever you are doing. >> particularly doing things with your face and eyes. there's a lot of lacic centers around. if something happens, that's your eyesight. if something happens, that's your face. be careful. >> thank you. it's always great to see you. thanks a lot. it's 11:51. coming up, a bear gets a stern talking to. plus, meteorologist, >>> the world famous hollywood sign is getting a make over. the letters will be stripped down, primed and gi
. is the high cost of a college education really worth it? >> a new report says one out of every five family ms. america is paying off student debt. that's a record. stanford university president joins us now. we're pleased to have him here this morning. much to talk about. what an interesting place stanford is. how much does it cost in 2012 to go to stanford for a year, including housing and room and board? >> for a student who pays it all, and a family who has the ability to pay for it all, it's $50,000 a year. less than half of our students pay that. and typical students on financial aid has a financial aid package worth over $30,000 a year. >> the question becomes, john, is it worth the cost? >> that -- on that issue, gayle, there is really good data. it's a good investment. lifetime earnings investment repays at a high return, much higher than the stock market. >> what is the "stanford experience" you get from being on campus. gayle's daughter went to stanford, and got a lot out of other classmates. >> you have a set of students that are really accomplished, and you learn how to work with
charges after taking some educational diverse classes. >> once the picture is out there it's always out there. >> but our victim wants young people to remember that consequences of sexting can't be deleted. >> i missed my junior and senior prom because i didn't want to be around anybody because of everything that had happened. it's hard when i get close to someone. i want to push them away and i don't want to be close. i don't want them to know my deepest darkest secret. >> mike hydek, 9news. >> local police tell us one of the new trends has been dubbed sextortion. for example, johnny tells mary to continue sending nude photos of herself. if she doesn't want to, johnny threatens to post the pictures he has on social media. it may involve demands for sexual acts or money. >>> newly released court documents raising serious questions as to why the university of colorado cops did not report james holmes to outside authorities. the suspect remains behind bars facing 152 charges in the shooting that killed 12 and injured 58 others. more from randall pinkston in new york. >> reporter: court d
two things. one is education, knowing what's possible. it's been so long that information sharing was difficult that some people don't realize what is possible today, so that's a burden on all of us, government and industry combined, to do that. and of course, there's always the issue of accreditation. these solutions, in order to be used operationally, have to go through an accreditation process and that's always longer than you want it to be. now, they have made some great strides. the unified cross-domain management office has shortened that cycle greatly with their baseline list, so, progress is being made, but it's still longer than most of our customers want. they want it to happen in 30 days if they can. >> and you have a lot of products now on the gsa schedule. that has sped things up as well. >> right. that speeds up the ability for government to procure it easily and move out with the project. >> and also the track record that you have. i would think that you've had a lot of proven technologies that hopefully are... >> yeah, we've been at this for about 18 years now, so
they spend on their children, not towards education, but in general is an investment in their children. but this is something i hear from moms all the time, which scares me. they say, oh, that's okay, i'll tap home equity to pay for college, it's okay, i'll cut down how much i'm putting away for retirement. i've been saying this for years, like you're on an airplane and they say put your oxygen mask on yourself first and then your chi. if you don't take care of yourself, you end up being a burden on your kids. the best gift to give them is maintain and secure your retirement and savings, and then you can take care of them. >> good suggestions, start using coupons, eating out less. >> hand-me-downs, and finding free activities and events now online and message boards. so many different ways to find free things to do as a family. and half of the moms said they actually enjoy that. they enjoy all this coupon clipping and stuff. it's money that can be put to something else. >> it's the art of the deal. getting out there. >> yeah. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >>> coming up next, al's bo
50 years ago today and punked by a skunk. this educational moment also turned into a lesson the audience would never forget. take a look. >> how a skunk can spray. hit you in the eyes at 12 feet. >> wow. >> aim for the exits. >> gotcha. this time it was a prank, but you should never point a loaded skunk at a crowd. that's for sure. 8:05. let's go back outside. >> i don't know how to trust what's real. >> like instant replay in slow mo now mr. roker with a check of the weather. >> there's an old adage about a skunk. with are you fine ladies from? >> maryland. >> having a good time? >> yes. >> are you on a long weekend here? >> no. >> a field trip. >> yeah. >> that's fantastic. so you're not cutting school. >> all right good, good. let's see what we've got for you. our pick city of the let's see what we have for you. the pick city for the day is las vegas, new mexico, new mexico, nevada. 90 degrees. as we show you the satellite radar, more rain than sun in florida. they cannot get a break. look at this, 42 degrees. 46 degrees up in minneapolis. we expect 69 in beautiful seattl
," everybody has at some point had a horn. i thought it would be found educate country music fans not realize horns have been around. >> jerrod you have toured with miranda lambert. >> miranda, a blast. we spent six months on the road with her. my buddy chris young. the year before -- >> what's she like? >> it answer as lot of questions. after hanging out with her for six years and blake shelton, they are a match made in heaven. and just a blast. you know when you see miranda, she's a tough girl. she's her own security. but behind at all the guns, knives and use worcuss words th sweet person. >> you learned what to do on stage in. >> you learn certain fundamentals and blake definitely isn't scared to crack up. >> he likes to have fun. congratulations. congratulations. continued success. jerrod neimann. >> thank you. >> his new album is called "free the music" and goes on sale tomorrow. michael urie has a new sitcom. celebrate as life long friendship tested by marriage. michael is in a good mood. i like it. he'll tell us about "partners" when cbs "this morning" continues. we'll be right back.
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